Free online biology courses in Spanish for this quarantine

We are in full quarantine in Spain, a state of alarm, and we are going to spend a lot of time at home. It is difficult, in a country that is culturally so facing the street and so social, to live at home without contact with friends and family. However, while it will not be easy, it is not the end of the world, and it is our responsibility to stay home.

This situation can be faced in two ways, from victimhood or from proactivity. If you are from the second group, there are many activities that can be done to take advantage of the time. We leave you a list of free online biology courses so that you can take advantage of a part of your time in training. Not everything is going to be Netflix, Twitter or Instagram 😉

Free online biology courses in english
Free online biology courses in english

Here is the list of free training in biology (and related sciences) in Spanish or subtitled in this language:

# 1 Introduction to Algae

This course is not really taught originally in Spanish but it is subtitled.

This course begins on March 15, 2020 (such day as today), and covers aspects such as what algae are, why they are important and why they interest us both commercially and for their environmental benefits. The great diversity of algae and the characteristics of the main groups will also be studied.

# 2 Epidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

Perhaps the most appropriate course to understand what is happening. Taught by Pennsylvania State University, it will not only study the bases of epidemics but also the dynamics of the flu and why a flu pandemic is so worrisome. Perhaps it will shed light on what is happening now with the coronavirus or covid19, the disease that has the planet in suspense.

# 3 Paleontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds

If you like paleontology and in particular the world of dinosaurs, the University of Alberta offers you several courses on these. We have chosen this one about theropod dinosaurs and the origin of birds. A very suggestive start.

# 4 Introduction to genetics and evolution

This course, taught in Spanish by the Autonomous University of Madrid, talks about DNA, evolution, and genetics. A journey so that you can understand the mechanisms of inheritance and know more deeply all the concepts necessary to move in this world, where advances in genetics are the most important advances in human health.

# 5 The Antarctic, an amazing continent

Antarctica is the most unknown continent. Due to its climate, research and exploration is not easy, but it is an exciting challenge. On everyone’s lips along with the Arctic every time we talk about climate change, this course will help you get to know it in much more depth.

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