World Environment Day 2021: «No air pollution»

The World Environment Day that is celebrated every year on June 5, counts in 2019; with the slogan “No air pollution”.

Air pollution is a crucial problem of which there is increasing awareness. According to a study published in the European Heart Journal , there are 790,000 deaths caused by air pollution each year in Europe and 659,000 in the European Union. Of these, between 40 and 80% are caused by cardiovascular problems.In the study they estimate that the average life expectancy in Europe will be reduced by 2.2 years due to air pollution.

Among the main causes is the use of fossil fuels since emissions from transport in city centers are very high. But not only transport, also industrial emissions have to be reduced.

Some tips to help reduce air pollution at a particular level

  • Reduce the use of the private car: use public transport, share a car if it is essential to use the vehicle or get around by bicycle or on foot.
  • Do not use diesel vehicles, especially, but try to change for an electric or hybrid car.
  • Use efficient heating systems and, if possible, based on renewable energy.
  • Try to reduce energy consumption since thermal or combined cycle plants involve emissions from the burning of fossil fuels such as gas or coal.
  • Never burn trash; you would contribute to increasing air pollution.
  • Choose non-toxic paint and the furniture where it is used.
  • And of course, trying to influence whenever possible, either through voting or the consumption of certain products, the reduction in emissions and consumption of fossil fuels.

World Environment Day

A bit of history… this day was declared December 15, 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly. That same day and year, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) was also created.

The first year to be held was in 1974 and each year a specific environmental theme or theme is chosen to raise awareness among citizens, companies and public administrations of a specific environmental problem.

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