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Mango live Apk Go Live Streaming App for Android Download

Mango Live APK is among the streaming live online apps for smartphones. Download mango Live to Android, IOS, and PC and you will be able to enjoy hundreds of channels with lots of exclusive content.


Mango Live is one of the most well-known Livestream apps available on the market at the present and is operated by mango. live has more than one million users who are trusted across the globe. The majority of them are from Thailand as well as other countries in the region.

In comparison to other apps using similar features to the Livestream genre, like the Azarbigo, or Tango Mango Live is a pleasant surprise. Mango Live provides all the necessary features on a must-have live streaming platform.

It even has the most innovative and unique features you’ve ever experienced before. Now, you can have the possibility to experience them through the mango live application.

A variety of features worth exploring on mango live will give you the best entertainment experience. A world filled with multiple entertainment channels, including singing and engaging in games, chatting, dancing, connecting with idols and everyone else people who are online right in the same room.

Instead of stressing about work, why not attempt to get involved in this thrilling entertainment scene?


In the course of the covid-19 pandemic, travel bans are in effect everywhere, and we can’t attend parties outside. In mango live, things are different. You can take part in online parties at any time, from anywhere provided that your mobile phone is always connected to access the internet.

Mango Lives app offers numerous live rooms, each with a lively and lively environment. You can listen to millions of stories featuring diverse themes that are told through the hilarious stories of mango idols that are beautiful. The stories you’re listening to will delight you and make everyone more content!

Explore the music rooms at mango live, where you can take in the latest, most trending popular songs across all of the online music platforms, including Pandora, AudioMark, and Spotify.

The tracks will also be performed with the lovely voice of the idol mango live. Additionally, you may also request idols to sing songs from any genre, and they will sing and respond for everyone to listen.

Particularly, Mango lives also allows users to interact with their most loved idols. While idols show off their skills, users are able to engage with them and other users through commenting, liking, or sharing on other social media networks such as Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and many more.

You can send one of these special gift boxes such as fancy you lucky mango, lucky star the unicorn, ring cake, cupid’s heart, and happy new year speedboat, or even speech-replacement Emojis for friends.

In this way, you’ve made it possible for the mango live idol to earn enough money to pay for his expenses for the rest of his life. They’ll spend time with you and other people.

MAKE money online easily with MANGO LIVE

Mango Lives apk isn’t only a basic Livestream application and it’s the top online money-making app that works on phones. If you have an ability Do you wish to turn it into a profit? Make yourself a household name on the mango app on social networks to earn extra money now, and your life will be better.

If you have a knack for singing the mango live show is an ideal venue to showcase your talents and make money. You have a lovely voice and are able to crack jokes during conversations.

Make your own channel and display your unique talents to the world and you’ll receive a variety of gifts from your fans.

Make sure you have as many followers as you can Your earnings will increase by a factor of or triple and more. If you’re satisfied with the balance of your account, click pay to have the cash transferred to your account at the bank via mango.live staff.

Simple and easy to use USER Interface

The mango live application users don’t have to be a specialist in the mango live app, regardless of the age of the user who isn’t sure how to make use of a smartphone, an old or a young person.

They are simple to follow and take advantage of a variety of streaming video shows on the internet, hosted by gorgeous idols.

Mango’s interface for users is easy and user-friendly, the structure, as well as functions, can be clearly shown in three primary colors which are white, pink, and black. The mango’s user interface application will please you.


The process of registering for the mango live account is simple, you do not have to follow steps such as entering your telephone number and password, birthday, gender, or even submitting the required documentation.

The sending of documents to prove your identity is not acceptable, as the details on the documents you submit will be uncovered and stolen anytime.

Live chat on Mango’s website is entirely distinct, and you can make an account with a linked account to either Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

It is important to note that each device is able to create two unique mango accounts. Make sure you secure your account in order to avoid regrets later.

In the section for managing accounts on mango in the account management section, users can use mango live to modify their account information such as gender, nickname, and country, as well as change their avatar.

Additionally to this, additional balances (beans diamonds) and likes, as well as gift boxes and vouchers as well as a selection of fans who follow their profile visibly.

How to Download Mango live Apk Apk?

You Can easily download it within two seconds by following these instructions:

  1. Find Download Button on this page (At the End Or maybe In the beginning)
  2. Click on the Download
  3. Downloading will start

Note: If you are facing any issue/problem contact us or Comment to us below we will solve the issue ASAP. Thanks!

How To Install Mango live Apk Apk?

Note: You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources through the Android security menu to be able to sideload/install the apk on your device.

  • The file is in a zip zip file, so you will need to use any file manager to extract the apk from the zip file.
  • Tap on the apk file you just extracted and follow the onscreen process to install the app.

What’s new

  • fixed some crazy crashes, bug fixes, and optimizations.

What are the pros and cons of Downloading the Mango live Apk Apk directly?


  • You can download any version of the application you need directly from a third-party website.
  • This is different than the Play Store because you don’t have to wait for a review process, etc.
  • After downloading, there is an APK file stored on your memory card or system memory.
  • So you can uninstall and reinstall them many times without having to go through the process of downloading again.


  • When you download an app from a third-party source, it hasn’t been checked by Google. That means it could be harmful to your phone.
  • The app’s APK file might contain viruses. They could steal data from your phone or damage it.
  • Also, your apps won’t automatically update because they don’t have access to the Google Play Store.


This review of the Mango live Apk must have answered all your questions about the app. Now you can download it for Android and PC and enjoy it. This Website is a safe source for downloading APK files, and we have almost every app from every genre and category.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via Comments or the email address provided in the contact us section. We would love to hear from you!

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