Rescue of a humpback whale from a tangle of ropes

That oceans and seas are becoming a gigantic landfill that threatens ecosystems , is increasingly evidence.

Rescue of a humpback
Rescue of a humpback

On January 11, a fishing boat captain detected an adult humpback whale with 87 meters of rope inside its mouth off the coast of Maui. As a result, several people from different conservation organizations and a whale watching company came to his rescue.

When they approached the animal, it became very active in what appeared to be distressed. After waiting for it to calm down, the rescue team attached a buoy to the rope to float the line to the surface, eliminating about 33 meters of rope. However, there was no time to do it the same day, because darkness was approaching and it was impossible to resume the rescue.

In order to continue the next day, the team attached a GPS tracker to the rope so they could quickly find it the next day. On their return, they resumed the process of pulling the rope out of the whale’s mouth. About two hours later, they released the humpback whale that celebrated by jumping close to the rescuers.

Here you can see the video of the moment “With the removal of the equipment, it is believed that the animal has an excellent chance of survival,” the statement said. Unfortunately, animals often die in these circumstances. Faced with this, we can only try to reduce the generation of garbage and debris that eventually ends up in the seas and oceans in the most varied ways.

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