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You can use SSH2.0-secured connection protocols by using the HA Tunnel Plus software. All communication between the client and the server is fully secure in this way.

Whether or whether you’ve used an app like this before, HA Tunnel Plus‘ user-friendly UI makes it easy to use. As you can see, the settings on the main screen allow you to modify how the standard or any other connection starts up and, if necessary, configure an SNI. This is unquestionably a very useful workaround to get around any limitations placed on your connection by your internet service provider or any other network you may be utilising.

Finally, HA Tunnel Plus will generate a random ID for you to use in order to connect to the server. The connection method settings can also be imported and exported. The configuration file’s extension will be.hat (an encrypted text file containing all the information prior to export).

HA Tunnel Plus, in essence, is a solution that enables you to easily traffic any TCP, UDP, ICMP, or IGMP connection protocol from the convenience of your own Android device.


Package Namecom.hatunnel.plus
Op. SystemAndroid
LanguageEnglish 47 more
AuthorArt Of Tunnel
DateJul 28th, 2022
Content RatingAll ages
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HA Tunnel Plus App 1.3.1 Update


More bug fixes
Resources update fixed

HA Tunnel browsing for mobile

A free security and privacy app for mobile devices called HA Tunnel APK was created by Art Of Tunnel. It’s a way of viewing the internet that makes use of SSH tunnelling to pass all activity through a secure proxy server.

When two points need to communicate data securely, SSH clients like Bitvise SSH Client or OpenSSH are generally employed. By using proxy servers to encrypt internet traffic instead, HA Tunnel Plus takes this idea a step further and improves user activity security and privacy.

How does it work exactly?

Nowadays, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the go-to option for anyone seeking a more private and secure internet experience. But SSH tunnelling was already widespread in some circles before they gained widespread acceptance and appeal. Usually, it’s utilised to establish a safe connection between two distant machines. However, as with HA Tunnel Plus, it can be utilised for additional applications.

It is easy to see why SSH is frequently referred to as the “poor man’s VPN.” It offers comparable capabilities and functionalities, such as its own protocol dubbed SSH 2.0, in addition to being free. You pretty much have complete control over how connections are made if you know how to work around it. To host TLS certificates from many sites, you can even configure a Server Name Indication (SNI).

A random ID is provided to you, which you can use to connect to a server. In order to save time the next time, you can import or export your connection method settings. It can occasionally be challenging to connect to servers. The same holds true for sporadic app crashes. Additionally, if you’ve never used SSH before, there may be a small learning curve at first.

A decent alternative for basic needs

In conclusion, give HA Tunnel Plus a try if your budget can’t quite stretch to support a VPN plan but you still want a solution to secure your web activities. You can use it for essential tasks like web browsing because it is a respectable and free option. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really simple to use and you can control your connections.


  • Free and lightweight
  • Great for web surfing
  • Plenty of customization options


  • Connectivity issues
  • Occasional app crashes
  • Slight learning curve

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