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Sidebar Apk – The Best Android App for Sidebar

Awarded app Sidebar Apk Lite allows you to add applications to your device’s sidebar according to your preferences. It is really user-friendly and simple to use since it is so speedy, functional, and fluid.

You may quickly choose up to eight applications at a time and pin them to the sidebar with the Sidebar apk. If you choose the Pro version, you can even customise it by selecting your favourite sizes, placements, and colours. It begins as soon as your device boots up. With several widgets to pick from, including home, WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, brightness, torch, audio, rotation, and more, the software hardly drains your battery life. The app’s extraordinary clarity and simplicity make it the ideal choice for users with various demands. 

sidebar apk

Major features in Sidebar APK:

Customize the sidebar easily based on your preferences

  • Customize the sidebar with whatever you want so you can feel like your site is really yours!
  • Control the entire look of your website without touching a line of code.
  • Choose from any one of our pre-made themes or create your own custom theme.
  • Customizable sidebar: – No matter what your task or preference, you can arrange the sidebar to suit it all. You control what’s displayed and where, no matter what theme you’re using!

Quick, functional, user-friendly and very easy to use

  • Sidebar APK has a quick and functional interface that is user-friendly and very easy to use.
  • Sidebar APK saves your time, effort and money.
  • By using the automated proceses, you can now accomplish more tasks than before by doing less work.

Simple and clean interface, accessible to all kinds of users with different needs

  • A simple and clean interface that is easy to use and adaptable to your needs.
  • Accessible in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and more so you can use it no matter the language!
  • Built-in templates to make it easy for you to start writing a resume or cover letter right away.

Choose up to eight apps at a time

  • Manage your time better by choosing the apps you need to have on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Use the app as a private diary that you’ll never delete. Trust us, it helps!
  • Stay up to date with all apps by setting notifications for when new updates come out.

Personalize it with your colours, preferred level of opacity, sizes and positions

  • Choose from 9 background colours and 48 text colours.
  • Choose the level of opacity of your background layer, as well as position it to appear above or below your text.
  • Select between 4 different size fonts with a variety of font types, including serif and sans-serif.

Pro version available with a host of additional features

  • Pro version includes unlimited access to all templates, no ads, and more.
  • You can use the free version for as long as you want.
  • If you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use and gives you a lot of options, this is it.

Doesn’t have a negative impact on your battery life

  • Sidebar APK Doesn’t drain your battery like other apps do.
  • Keeps your phone running smoothly and efficiently.
  • No need to worry about your phone dying on you while you’re out and about.

Includes lots of widgets such as home, WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, brightness, torch, sounds, rotation and more

  • Customize your phone to suit your needs with a range of widgets that are easy to use and customize.
  • Stay connected with WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, brightness, and more.
  • Get instant access to all the features you need in one place.


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All rights reserved to the original owners of this application. This site doesn’t in any way or shape claim as this application as their own and is only just providing a download link for the original application without tampering with any of the original files in the app.

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What Is an APK File?

APK stands for Android Package (sometimes Android Package Kit or Android Application Package). It’s the file format that Android uses to distribute and install apps. As a result, an APK contains all the elements that an app needs to install correctly on your device.

An APK is an archive file, meaning that it contains multiple files, plus some metadata about them. You’re probably familiar with other types of archive files, like ZIP and RAR.

Generally, archive files (like ZIP) are used to combine multiple files into one, in order to make them more portable or compress them to save space. When an archive is used to distribute software, it’s then called a software package.

As it turns out, APKs are a variant of the JAR (Java Archive) file format, since a lot of Android is built in Java. All APKs are ZIP files at their core, but they must contain additional information to properly function as an APK.

So all APKs are ZIPs, but not all ZIPs are APKs. If you’re curious, you can crack open an APK file and see what’s inside. Just use one of the best file extraction tools, like 7-Zip, to open it like you would any old ZIP file. You can’t do much with APKs on platforms other than Android unless you install an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

What Are APK Files Used For?

APK files allow you to install apps on your Android phone. They’re similar to the APPX files used to install Store apps on Windows 10, as well as corresponding package files on other platforms. When you open an APK on your device, it contains the instructions to install on your phone and provides information about the package itself to your device.

Normally, when you visit Google Play and download or update an app, the store automatically installs the APK for you. In this way, the Play Store also acts as a package manager—a tool for easily installing, updating, and removing software on a device.

However, due to Android’s open nature, Google Play is not the only way to find and install APKs. It’s easy to obtain an APK file from elsewhere, move it to your device, and then install it manually. See how to sideload apps on Android for a full guide.

How Are APK Files Created?

When a developer creates an Android app, they likely use Android Studio, the official development tool for Android. Once the app is ready to ship, Android Studio compiles the app, then puts it all into one container—an APK.

APKs can have any name, but typically need to keep the file extension .apk so OSes know how to interpret them. When you download an APK, you’ll usually find they have filenames like the following:


This is a (shortened) version of the APK name for Google’s Phone app. You can see that the full app name matches up with the app’s filename in the URL of its Google Play page:


The numbers at the end represent the current version, which can be quite granular since major apps like this get updated all the time.

Google Play is fine for most people’s Android installation needs. But there are several benefits to installing APKs manually.

One of the biggest is getting access to the latest version of apps ahead of time. When a major Google app (like Calendar) releases a major update, it can take a week or more for your device to get the latest release from Google Play. Installing the APK on your own lets you skip the wait and update as soon as you want.

Sideloading APKs also lets you install apps on your device that aren’t available on Google Play. You might find an app that isn’t allowed on Google Play because it violates a policy, or maybe you want to test your friend’s app that’s currently in development.

Just like desktop software, though, downloading APK files from random websites can be dangerous. While Google Play has filters in place to catch dangerous apps, there’s not as much protection when you’re installing APKs on your own. They could be malware disguised as a legitimate app, or might be tampered with to include spyware.

Only download APKs from trusted sites quite like ours which only uploads the safest and verified Android APKS. Be wary of any page that promises you a paid app for free—that’s a common tactic to install malware on your device.

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