Force of Gravity Examples

We explain that what are Force Of Gravity examples? The force of gravity is the attraction that two bodies exert on each other, this is due to the mass that each one has, since the more mass a body has, the larger it is.

As it depends on the mass of the objects, that of the moon is much less than that of the Earth, since the moon has much less mass, on the contrary in Jupiter it is much larger than that which exists on this planet, due to the difference in sizes between the two.

The force of gravity is one of the weakest in nature, since a large amount of matter gathered in an object is necessary to experience it, however it is one of the most far-reaching, since its effects can be felt by millions of people. kilometers of distance.

Due to the attraction that the earth exerts on the bodies that remain on its surface, they do not float into outer space and it is due to the force of gravity that the Sun exerts on the planets, that they rotate around it.

Examples of the force of gravity

When lifting an object and throwing it upwards, its ascent speed will decrease until it begins to fall, this is due to the attraction that the Earth exerts on it.

The moon is rotating around the Earth thanks to the force of gravity that the planet exerts on it.

The phenomenon of the tides is caused by the attraction that the moon exerts on the terrestrial oceans.

The force of gravity between the mountains and the clouds causes the clouds to travel towards the mountains.

A black hole is a body that has a large amount of mass, so its attraction is so great that it attracts everything around it, even light cannot escape from them.

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