Examples of Solar Energy

We explain that what are the examples of solar energy in everyday life and in physics? The  solar energy  is coming from the sun, which is the center of our solar system. It is, rather, a mixture of energies among which are:

  • Thermal energy
  • Radiant energy
  • Electromagnetic energy

Solar energy crosses the universe, dissipating between the stars, until a portion of it falls on the surface of our planet. Even so, the Earth’s atmosphere receives it and filters it so that the ultraviolet rays and other radiation it contains are not harmful to us. Its inhabitants receive mostly  the heat and light that make it up .

This type of energy is, together with wind energy and geothermal energy, one of the so-called  alternative energies . These energies fulfill the function of  replacing fossil fuels  to supply human and industrial needs and, at the same time,  prevent further environmental deterioration  on the planet.

Solar power plants

Solar energy can be collected through so-called  solar power plants , which are facilities dedicated to capturing it and transforming it into a useful type of energy, in this case:  electrical energy . There are two types of solar power plants:

  • Photovoltaic power plants
  • Solar thermal power plants

The  solar photovoltaic power stations  are formed by solar panels popular. These are made up of materials that emit electrons when light falls on them. The circulation of these electrical charges creates an electrical current. This phenomenon is called  the photoelectric effect . The materials form solar or photovoltaic cells.

Solar panels are made up of several solar cells, and are also called photovoltaic panels. These generate direct current but the electricity consumed in the city is alternating current, so a converter is added to the power plant. The electrical current generated can be consumed at the moment or accumulated in batteries.

The  termosolares  are similar to power plants, fossil fuel burning which steam generating pressurized water, which will push the turbine generator. In the case of solar thermal power plants, they use solar energy to generate steam, which pushes the turbine and so on until generating electricity.

There are in turn two types of solar thermal power plants:

  • Solar thermal tower plants
  • Thermosolar plants with cylindrical-parabolic collectors

In  thermosolar tower plants , a large number of mirrors called  heliostats  reflect solar radiation onto a receiver, through which a fluid circulates that when heated transfers the heat to a steam generator, which in turn will move the turbine.

In  solar thermal power plants with cylindrical-parabolic collectors , reflective structures in the shape of open tubes concentrate the sunlight in a central tube. A fluid circulates through this tube, normally thermal oil, which is heated to a temperature of about 300 ° C and is sent to the turbine building, where it is used to produce water vapor, which will rotate the turbine to generate energy electrical.

Examples of solar energy

  1. Solar energy heats the water in a swimming pool outdoors.
  2. Solar energy dehydrates fruits.
  3. Solar energy is buffered by ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  4. Solar energy causes burns when it affects human skin for a long time.
  5. Solar energy is collected in solar panels to be transformed into electrical current.
  6. Solar energy is collected in the metal pipes of solar kettles.
  7. Solar energy evaporates water while destroying microscopic life in water treatment plants.
  8. Solar energy evaporates rainwater and increases humidity.
  9. Solar energy is lower at dawn, so it is ideal to water the lawn in the early morning.
  10. Solar energy is necessary for the human body, because it stimulates the production of vitamin D.

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