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Why The Rock have no abs?

I’ll risk being presumptuous but fuck it; it’s straightforward.

Is it possible that The Rock has BAD GENETICS!?!?

6-pack abs, 8-pack abs, 10-pack abs, OH YEAH, they’re real and are 100% determined by your genetics. It’s a matter of how the abdominal muscles insert in the abdominal wall; in The Rock’s case, they borderline don’t, and his abs look like a single thing.

This means that if you train your abs, you can make them grow, of course, but how they’re shaped doesn’t change; if you’re not born with a six-pack, you’re not getting one, not even if you’re uber-rich, crazy famous, and takes all the PED’s available to mankind, you’re not getting one.

Revealing your configuration also doesn’t require you to train it; it’s just a matter of getting leaner and removing the fat hiding the abs beneath it; you don’t need to do A SINGLE DIRECT AB EXERCISE, now imagine.

Imagine you’re there with dreams of having crazy abs, you get leaner and leaner and leaner, and they never come to the party, OH GOD, what a mindfuck.

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