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Vidman App – New Movies App

Vidman App is your new movie, TV show, and celebrity news app. You also have complete details about the movie you’re looking for. In Vidman, you can discover new movies. We provide individualised TV show and movie suggestions. Additionally, you can keep track of and add films to your Wishlist.

What is Vidman mobile app?

Vidman will display the most well-liked movies and local theatres. You can make reservations at the theatre of your choice over the phone. A Fitch Watson utility app is Vidman. The app was updated on the Android Play Store with a new version 1.1.0 approximately a month ago.

  • Is Vidman’s app cost-free? The app has a price of $0.00.
  • Does Vidman have an Android version?
  • Vidman is available for Android users via the PlayStore.
  • In case you are dissatisfied with our offered apk versions, we also present to you excellent Vidman substitutes.

Vidman App is an intriguing application that provides users with a diverse collection of movies of various genres and categories that can be streamed.

 Download and install Vidman APK on Android

It is critical to understand how to use the APk or Apk MOD file once it has been downloaded on your device in order to have a smooth experience. APK files are the raw files of an Android app, much like.exe files are for Windows.

APK stands for Android Package Kit (APK for short). It is the package file format used by the Android operating system for mobile app distribution and installation.

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Despite the availability of a wide range of high-quality web services that offer unlimited products in their catalogue by subscription, some people prefer free platforms, despite the fact that many of them have shortcomings and deficiencies when compared to paid services. Among these numerous options is Vidman, an app that aggregates the best of current cinema, including premieres.

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Movies on-demand, online, and free

Content is organised into categories here, as it is in other online movie apps. Having said that, users can also choose from any of the app’s suggestions, which are updated on a regular basis based on new releases and played content. It has an excellent content display, with pertinent information about each title (synopsis, cast, and so on), and videos load quickly.

However, as with many of these free online movie or TV services, you may discover that the app no longer works and that there is no way to watch the movie you wanted to watch because, in the best-case scenario, the link is broken (or the entire platform has broken down).

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.


  • Movies infos, thumbnails, and Images are all from TMDB.org licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.
  • we use the TMDB API to fetch and get all the movies, and we follow the “Fair Use” guidelines by US law, if you feel there is a direct copyrighted or trademark violation that does not respect or take within “Fair Use” guidelines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

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