10 very special endangered birds

# 1 Giant Ibis

very special endangered birds
very special endangered birds

The giant ibis ( Thaumatibis gigantea ), is the largest of its species, thanks to its weight of 4.2 kg and more than one meter in height. Since it is estimated that only 50 specimens remain in the wild, it is their conservation status is critically endangered. Habitat loss, human disturbances and hunting have reduced its range to an extremely small population, concentrated in Cambodia.

# 2 Egotelo from New Caledonia

very special endangered birds
very special endangered birds

Another endangered bird is the New Caledonian egothel ( Aegotheles savesi ). An endemic species to the island, which has not been seen since 1998. The bird has been classified as critically endangered, as biologists estimate that it is unlikely that its population exceeds 50 individuals.

# 3 California Condor

The California condor ( Gymnogyps californianus ) survives in the Grand Canyon National Park. In 1981, the wild population numbered only 21 birds, after a century of persecution, hunting, poisoning and loss of their habitat. Huge efforts have been made to save the species from extinction, but they are still critically endangered. There are fewer condors in nature than captives.

# 4 Kakapo

The kakapo ( Strigops habroptilus ) is a nocturnal parrot, which has lost the ability to fly due to the absence of natural predators, in its New Zealand habitat. Hunting, deforestation and habitat degradation have caused a catastrophic decline in kakapos numbers. Currently it only survives on three small islands, where the only 125 remaining individuals are protected.

# 5 Kagu

Another endangered bird, the kagu ( Rhynochetos jubatus ) is an ash-white bird that lives in the dense and humid forests of New Caledonia and is known locally as the ‘ghost of the forest’. It is on the list of threatened species.

# 6 Bengali Little Bustard

The Bengali bustard ( Houbaropsis bengalensis ) is one of the most endangered vultures in the world. There are two subspecies, one in India and Nepal and the other in Cambodia. Both populations are in sharp decline and in critical danger of extinction, due to deforestation and illegal hunting. The total world population has been estimated at less than 300 adults.

# 7 Forest Owlet

The forest owlet ( Heteroglaux blewitti ), is a species of owl, whose number has been reduced by the loss of habitat. Today only subsist in India, less than 250 specimens in serious danger of extinction, in small and fragmented populations.

# 8 Philippine Eagle

The Philippine eagle ( Pithecophaga jefferyi ) is one of the largest and most powerful birds of prey in the world, but its population is in rapid decline. It is the national bird of the Philippines, a statement that has greatly helped to protect it, but remains seriously threatened.

Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle

# 9 Chickadee of Christmas Island

The Christmas Island frigatebird ( Fregata andrewsi ) is an endemic seabird to this Australian island. Their breeding areas are being affected by the invasive yellow ant and their habitat has been seriously contaminated by phosphate mining. It is estimated that there are 1,100 pairs and their conservation status is critical.

# 10 Ground Cuckoo

The Sumatran ground cuckoo ( Carpococcyx viridis ) is a bird that lives only in the forests of the island. It is estimated that there could be 70 to 400 individuals in the wild. Although it is a little known species, it is known that its habitat is disappearing at great speed due to deforestation. It was given as extinct for 91 years until in 2007 it was found again.

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