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This is the official Struck by Luck app for the STRUCK BY LUCK Florida Lottery Scratch-Off game. Players can use the ticket checker to enter their eligible tickets and see if they have won the Jackpot, Storm, or Instant prize. Storm prize winners will also have their prize amount revealed digitally.

The official app for Struck by Luck

Struck by Luck is the official app for the same-named Florida Lottery Scratch-Off game. Players can use this to see if their ticket won the Jackpot, Storm, or Instant prize. The lifestyle app is free to download and use, and it only takes up a small amount of memory space.

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Struck by Luck is more than just a ticket checker; it also allows you to locate ticket retailers and winner locations near you on a map. However, as appealing as it may sound, the app requires further development. It frequently fails to scan your tickets. It also has a tendency to freeze and crash.

App features include:

  • Latest progressive jackpot amount
  • Ticket Checker to check tickets for prizes
  • Customizable storm and jackpot winning notifications
  • Jackpot and Storm winner lists
  • Approximate Jackpot and Storm winner locations near me on Map
  • Winning ticket selling retailer locations on Map

We do not accept wagers, bets, or payments of any kind through our website/apps, and we only offer age-controlled products sold at authorised retailers within the state. Thank you very much.

What can you do with the app?

In Florida, Struck by Luck is a $10 lottery scratch-off game. Players in this lottery game can win an instant prize of up to one million dollars. You play the game by scratching the lottery ticket you purchased. If the card reveals the Storm symbol, you will be awarded a prize. To find out how much you won, you must first download and install the interactive Struck by Luck app.

Users should be aware, however, that scanning your ticket may take too long. Worse, if you scratch the barcode too hard, it will fail to recognise your code. Furthermore, the barcode scanner is frequently faulty, necessitating manual entry of the codes. It is also prone to freezing and crashing, even after only a few minutes of use.

Should you download it?

If you frequently play the scratch-off game, Struck by Luck should be a useful tool to have. With this app, you can see if you have a winning ticket and find out how much you will receive. You could also look up the location of the nearest retailer in your area. However, the app is so buggy that it is frequently unusable. In the end, the official website is preferable.


  • Built-in ticket scanner
  • Locates retailers near you
  • Customizable jackpot notifications


  • Scanning takes too much time
  • Barcode scanner often fails to work
  • Prone to crashing and freezing


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