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What Is A Pyrometer? With Types

We will explain that what are types of pyrometer with definition, in detail. In addition: we will express that how does it work? Lets Read Physics…

What is a pyrometer?

A pyrometer is an instrument that is used to measure temperatures from a distance, they have too wide a temperature range, ranging from -40ºc to 4000ºc. It is mainly used to measure moving objects or substances, or in places where non-contact measurement is required. It is used, for example, to measure the temperature in furnaces, incandescent metals or gases.


How does it work? types of pyrometer

Their operation depends on the type of pyrometer that is being used, but they are formed by several common characteristics that make up their complete system:

  • They have a system that collects the energy emitted by the object.
  • Detector that converts said energy into an electrical signal.
  • A system that adjusts emissivity to match the thermometer’s calibration to the specific emission characteristics of the object. types of pyrometer
  • An ambient temperature compensation circuit that ensures that temperature variations within the sensor due to ambient conditions will not affect accuracy.

Modern microprocessor-based electronic systems allow the use of complex algorithms that provide real-time linearization and compensation of the detector output to obtain greater precision of the measured object temperature.

Microprocessors can instantly display multi-variable measurements (such as current temperature, minimum measured temperature, maximum measured temperature, mean temperature, or temperature differences) on built-in LCD displays. types of pyrometer

pyrometer parts

Types of pyrometer

There are 3 types depending on the way in which they capture temperature radiation.

Optical pyrometer types of pyrometer

It is one that can measure the temperature of a substance from the radiation that emanates from its body, for which it does not need to be in contact with it. It works by comparing the brightness of the light emitted by the substance with that of a standard source. It is used both to measure the temperature of gases and incandescent bodies. In fact, it can measure temperatures above 1,000 ° C. types of pyrometer


Radiation pyrometer

The radiation pyrometer captures the radiation emitted by the body whose temperature is to be determined. This type of pyrometer is based on the Stefan-Boltzman law. It is capable of measuring temperatures between 550 ° C and 1,600 ° C.


Resistance pyrometer

The resistance pyrometer is one that measures the temperature of the object or body through a thin wire that is put in contact with it. The heat produces the change in the electrical resistance of the device, which makes a measurement of the object’s temperature from that heat. types of pyrometer

resistance pyrometer

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