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Download iQIYI APK Mod 5.3.3 (Free VIP) latest 5.3.3 for Android

Many of us now regularly consume media like movies and TV episodes because of their easy availability. But even before these services were available, we had cable and could watch K-dramas, Asian movies, and another Asian-themed programming. These films and TV shows are so engrossing that most viewers can’t stop watching them. iQIYI is a great platform because it allows us to watch any Asian film or television program we choose. There is nothing more you could possibly need right now, and you can get it all in this app.

Unlike Netflix, which offers content from all over the world, this one is dedicated to Asian media, including movies and TV shows as well as anime. Excellent news, considering there aren’t many major streaming providers that offer a wide selection of Asian films and television shows. They focus almost entirely on showcasing internationally renowned performers. However, using this program, you can acquire all the data on Asia that you need in a single place.

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5.3.3 for Android
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Apr 15, 2023

What is iQIYI Apk?

Watching movies and TV series is something we do together no matter where we are in the world. This is a means to escape from the world for a little while. Even if you don’t watch a lot of TV or movies, you probably caught at least one when you were a kid. Now that they can be viewed on major streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and others, however, Asian television shows and films are becoming more widely known around the world. This is great, however many notable Asian TV shows and movies are missing.

This has led to the proliferation of numerous streaming platforms that specialize in Asian media. The same-named company’s iQIYI is one of the most well-known of the bunch. This app’s almost 10 million downloads as of today are a testament to the widespread appeal of Asian media. Popular Asian television series can be viewed with the use of this app. Some examples include 18 Again, Love is Sweet, Make My Heart Smile, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, and Love Revolution.

The app also provides a wealth of new anime shows for avid fan. Popular shows like Jujutsu Kaisen, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan, Haikyuu, Digimon, One Piece, and many more are included. The likes of Soul Snatcher, Rat Disaster, Shanyu Town, and many more Asian films are available for your viewing pleasure. You may watch Korean and Chinese shows, in addition to a ton of variety shows, on this app.

Benefit from the wide range of prices and styles available. Furthermore, the app supports a wide variety of languages, subtitles, free downloads, high-definition content, and more.


We may view a huge variety of Asian movies and television series right now. We can capture them all in one easy location thanks to iQIYI!

See all Asian films and television programs.

Thanks to streaming apps, we have access to a wide variety of movies and television shows at any time. We can view a range of internationally acclaimed films and television shows on platforms like Netflix and Apple TV. There aren’t enough Korean dramas and films available on these platforms, despite the fact that there are plenty of them. As a result, many streaming services tried to provide services that would solely stream Asian content. iQIYI is one of the most well-known and promising in the present.

This app has a large selection of Asian films, television programs, anime, and even variety shows. This means that you can choose from a variety of genres and that you won’t ever run out of things to watch. You may view all of the shows right here in the app, from the most well-liked to the most intriguing. It functions much like any other streaming software, but it also includes extra features.

Popular Asian TV programs.

You can stream many Asian shows using iQIYI. There is no shortage of these series in the app, from Chinese dramas to Korean ones. The hottest movies, including Poisoned Love, My Heroic Husband, Love Revolution, The Blooms at RUYI Pavilion, Love is Sweet, Go Go Squid, and many others, are available to watch right here. In essence, you may stream all of the trending shows from today as well as the upcoming ones.

See movies.

This app also lets you stream popular Asian movies. These include Fall in Love with My King, the Legend of Shanyu Town, and many others! You may anticipate a lot more movies to watch because there are constantly more movies being added.

View a variety of programs.

Even variety shows like Let’s Party, The Rap of China, Youth with You, FOURTRY, Summer Surf Shop, The Big Band, and many others are available on iQIYI. You can watch all the most recent episodes of these series right here in our app because they air frequently.

subtitles in several languages.

Since iQIYI supports several languages, they are aware that Asian films and television series have a worldwide following. You can switch between many other languages at this place, including English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and many others. You can simply comprehend what you’re streaming with this!

To watch offline, download.

You can still view your favorite movies and television series even if you don’t always have an online connection! This app has a function that lets you download any video and watch it while you’re not connected. You can make use of this free function to your benefit.

Mirroring a screen.

Use screen mirroring to watch your favorite Asian film or television program! To begin viewing on a larger screen, you simply cast it on any smart TV.


Key Features:

  • Free to download
  • Stream free
  • No registration required
  • The best collection of movies and shows
  • An easy and unbreakable connection
  • High-quality performance
  • The interface is easy to use
  • No advertising
  • A lot more

How To Download And Install iQIYI APK?

To start the download, you can download iQIYI by clicking the button above. After downloading, you find APK on your browser’s “Downloads” page. Which can be found anywhere on the Internet before you can install it on your phone, you need to make sure that third-party applications are allowed on your device. A confirmation window will pop up based on your browser preferences.


This review must have met all your questions about the iQIYI Apk. Download and enjoy this amazing app for Android and PC now. If you like the iQIYI Apk, please share it with your friends and family.

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