Examples of Waves

We explain that what are the examples of waves? According to the way in which the waves are dispersed, they are classified into two types that are longitudinal and transverse.

The transverse waves are those that form curves up and down known as mountains and valleys.

Shear waves example

• The waves of the sea.
• Trepidatory seismic movement.
• The light.
The longitudinal waves are those with no mountains or valleys and head evenly in one direction by pushing each other.

Examples of longitudinal waves

• Sound waves.
• Moving and stopping cars in traffic.
• Oscillatory seismic movement.
According to the medium in which the waves are dispersed, they are classified as mechanical, electromagnetic and gravitational.
The mechanical waves are extending in a physical environment that can be solid, liquid or gaseous and may be sound, elastic or gravity.

Examples of mechanical waves

• The siren of an ambulance (audible).
• The vibrating movement of an elevator when it stops (elastic). 
• The wind moving a mill (gravity).
The electromagnetic waves are those that propagate in vacuum and therefore do not require a physical medium to reproduce.

Examples of electromagnetic waves

• X-rays.
• Microwave radiation.
• Radio waves.
The gravitational waves are occurring variations in the curvature of space-time and spread in waves. 

Examples of gravitational waves

• The explosion of a star.
• The collision of two meteorites.
• When a black hole forms.

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