Examples of Uniform Circular Motion

We explain that what are examples of uniform circular motion? When an object is moving in a circular fashion and with the same speed, it is said to be in a uniform circular motion .

Although the speed with which the object moves is constant, that is, it travels the same distance in the same time interval, the speed of an object in circular motion is not, since the speed is a vector, so in circular motion constantly changes direction.

This movement is also known as uniformly accelerated circular movement, that is, there is a constant acceleration on the object, which is what modifies the direction of the speed, but not its speed.

An object with a uniform circular motion is subject to two forces, a tangential one that pushes the object out of the circular motion and maintain a rectilinear motion, called centrifugal force and another that pulls the object towards the center of the circle called centripetal force, which is the cause of the circular motion.

Examples of uniform circular motion

If you take a stone with a wave, when turning the wave exerts a centripetal force on the stone that makes it rotate, at the moment the wave is released, the stone shoots out in a rectilinear motion, due to the centrifugal force.

When a car goes around a curve, the position of the wheels creates a centripetal force that makes the car follow a circular motion, the crew of the car can feel the centrifugal force by feeling that they are pulled in the opposite direction of the car’s turn.

The force of gravity that the Sun exerts on the planets is a uniform circular motion , since this force of attraction is what causes the planets to rotate around the Sun, the force of gravity being the centripetal force, the centrifugal force is what causes the translational movement of the planets.

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