Examples of Physical And Chemical Phenomena

We explain that what are examples of Physical And Chemical Phenomena? Matter can undergo two types of phenomena or transformations that may or may not alter its atomic composition; These two large groups of transformations are called physical and chemical phenomena depending on the influence they exert on matter.

The changes that matter undergoes either in its shape, color, taste, smell, state of aggregation or any other characteristic, with the quality that these are reversible, that is, that matter has the ability to return to the state in that was found before undergoing the change, are called physical phenomena .

Changes that do not have the ability to be reversible are called chemical phenomena .

At the molecular level, a physical phenomenon does not alter the molecular composition of the substances involved in it, but in a chemical change the original substances disappear and become others.

Examples of physical phenomena

The evaporation of water, when liquid water is heated, it changes to a gaseous state, however it is still H2O.

Mixing water with coffee, milk and sugar, this mixture is a physical phenomenon since even though the mixture changes certain characteristics of the substances involved, the change is not at the molecular level.

The alloying of iron and carbon to form steel is a physical phenomenon, since the chemical composition of iron and steel is not altered when they are mixed.

Examples of chemical phenomena

By burning wood, the wood turns into carbon dioxide and carbon.

The mixture of hydrogen chloride with water forms hydrochloric acid and chlorine.

The combustion of gasoline, when gasoline is burned, carbon monoxide and water vapor are released, among other substances.

The metabolism of living beings converts the nutrients in food into energy to carry out vital functions and into proteins, minerals and other substances necessary for the manufacture of tissues

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