Examples of Osmosis With Definition In Detail

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Definition of Osmosis

The osmosis is a physical phenomenon that occurs when two liquids, containing different concentrations of a substance are separated by a semipermeable membrane that allows the passage of which has higher concentration of the substance to the side where it is which has lower concentration.

A semi-permeable membrane contains pores that are molecular in size, in such a way that it allows the passage of small molecules, and prevents the passage of large ones.

This phenomenon is very common in living beings, since it is through osmosis that cells acquire nutrients and water through the semi-permeable cell membrane. examples of osmosis

There is also reverse osmosis, which consists of separating a dissolved substance from another by passing the solvent through a semi-permeable membrane, which prevents the passage of the dissolved substance.

Examples of osmosis: 

Plants take water from the ground through a process of osmosis between their roots and the ground. The roots have a membrane that allows water to pass through.

The large intestine has the function of taking water through osmosis through epithelial cells, which allow the passage of water molecules but not waste material.

When you sweat, the water leaves your skin through a process of osmosis.examples of osmosis

Desalination plants separate the water from the salt by passing it through a membrane that allows the water molecules to pass through, but not the salt molecules, which remain on the other side. examples of osmosis

Filters to purify water work through osmosis , these filters are made of a porous material with holes that allow the passage of water molecules, but not molecules larger than these, such as certain types of pollutants or sediments. examples of osmosis

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