Examples of Friction

We explain that what are examples of friction force? When an object moves or wants to move on a surface, there is a force that opposes this movement, this is called the friction force .

For a body at rest to be able to move, a force greater than the friction that the surface in contact gives it must be exerted on it .

The size of the friction force depends mainly on the material of the surface and the object that comes into contact with it, being greater in solid and rough objects, than in gaseous surfaces.

There are two types of friction , the static that occurs when two surfaces are in contact at rest and the dynamic that is opposed to the movement of an object moving on a surface.

When the friction force is overcome, energy is released in the form of heat, so when two surfaces rub against each other, they heat up.

Examples of friction force

By throwing an object on the sidewalk and then throwing it on the ice, it will go further into the ice because the friction force of the ice is less than that of the sidewalk.

When you rub your hands against each other quickly, they will heat up, due to the friction that they exert between them.

Sliding a body on wet plastic will go further than sliding on dry plastic, as water reduces the friction force between surfaces.

An internal combustion engine is heated primarily by the friction produced by the pistons as they move inside the engine.

A match is lit by the heat produced by friction between the match in the match and the sandpaper.

By rubbing two pieces of wood it is possible to make a fire, since the friction between them produces enough heat to ignite the dry leaves.

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