Examples of Doppler Effect

We explain that what are the examples of Doppler Effect? in detail. The Austrian physicist Christian Andreas Doppler discovered that if a wave source is in motion with respect to an observer, the observer appreciates a change in frequency, this phenomenon is called the Doppler Effect .

The change in frequency is only apparent, since another observer who is at rest with respect to the source of the wave will not perceive any change in its frequency.

The discovery of the Doppler Effect  has served to study the motion of galaxies and the creation of sonars.

Examples of Doppler Effect

The sound of a siren: When listening to the sound of an approaching ambulance, it is perceived that it becomes more acute as its siren approaches and becomes more serious as it moves away.

When a star is moving away from the Earth, a red shift of its light is observed, otherwise a blue shift is observed. Seeing that galaxies present it towards the red is the foundation of the expansion theory of the universe.

When an airplane exceeds the speed of sound, the sound waves are compressed so much that they form a shock wave, that is the noise that is heard as a sonic boom.

Radar is another example of the Doppler Effect , this instrument emits a continuous wave signal at a constant frequency, when these waves are reflected in other objects, they change their frequency according to the movement they have, if the wave returns to the same frequency as the object is at rest, if the wave varies its frequency the object is in motion, getting closer or further away and based on the change in frequency it is possible to know the speed at which it is moving.

Radio telescopes that measure radio emissions produced by galaxies, based on the Doppler effect of these waves, allow us to determine the shape and speed of galaxies.

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