Examples of Displacement

We explain that what are the examples of displacement? in detail with definition of displacement to better understand the concept. Lets Read Physics…

What is Displacement?

Displacement   is considered to be any movement that involves a distance, that is, that has a starting point as well as an arrival point. Some authors consider that if the starting point and the arrival point are the same, then there was no displacement as such, even though a certain distance has been traveled, this would be called movement because it returns to the origin. For example, a ball that is always bounced at the same height and at the same point “moves” but does not “move”.

There are cases in which it is possible to find travel several times, for example, when we go to the supermarket, our starting point is our house, later we go to the supermarket, which is our arrival point, because we made a stop there, but yes We want to return home, the supermarket will now be our starting point, our home being the arrival point. So we can find two displacements on the same path.

To measure the displacement , it is done in a linear way, regardless of the distance, that is, if our starting point is on one side of the park and our end point is just on the opposite side, our displacement will be equal to the distance between those two points if we crossed the park, even when we have surrounded it.

Examples of Displacement

  • An object that falls off a table.
  • A ball that we kick.
  • Take a step in any direction without turning back.
  • If we pass water from one glass to another, we move it.
  • A car that advances 1cm.
  • A diver moves from his platform into the water.
  • A bicycle that travels a certain distance without returning to its starting point.
  • The speed of light travels through time and space.

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